The Black Mountain Clinic was created by Laoshi Keith Ewers and was newly opened in January 2016. The aim of the Black Mountain Clinic is to offer both treatments on various practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat a wide range of both internal and external illnesses. But to also give interested individuals the opportunity to learn, study and become qualified in the practice of Chinese natural healing arts that has been taught to Laoshi Keith Ewers. The ultimate aim for the Black Mountain Clinic is for it to become both a treatment and teaching clinic offering the natural healing therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


It was through Master Chee Soo of the Li family arts, who was the first teacher that taught Laoshi Keith Ewers the Li families healing arts back in 1980 were Master Chee Soo taught Tui Na Bodywork Massage, Daoyin Exercises for the cultivation and circulation of energy, sound healing and acupressure.

In the early 2002 Laoshi Keith Ewers studied at the Xi Yuan Hospital, Beijing, China. Were he furthered his study in advanced Tui Na Bodywork Massage, acupuncture and Qigong.
The Black Mountain Clinic offers treatments in the practices of:

  •  Energy Bodywork Massage (Tui Na Qigong)
  •  Medical Qigong Exercises.(Daoyin)
  •  Acupressure (Dian Xue)
  •  Acupuncture.