Keith Ewers

Keith Ewers started his training in the Chinese Taoist arts in 1974 at the age of fourteen. Keith joined the International Wu-Shu Association and Chinese Cultural Arts Association which was run by Master Chee Soo.

Keith studied at the Abergavenny club in South Wales under Shifu Derek Williams 4th Deng and then under Master Chee Soo, both in London and the Midlands. Keith studied the whole of the Li Family arts ofTaijiquan , K'ai Men , Daoyin , Feng Shou Quan, Shuai-jiao and An-Mo massage.

Keith Ewers and Chee Soo

Under the guidance of Master Chee Soo, Keith was awarded the grade of 6th Deng black sash in 1990 by Master Chee Soo. After the death of Master Chee Soo in 1994, Keith formed the Li Family Internal Arts Association to teach and spread the Li family arts throughout the UK and Europe. Keith has over 30 years experience in the Li family arts of healing, meditation and martial arts. In 1996 Keith trained under Prof. Ji Jian Cheng and was taught other Chinese Taoist arts like Yang style Taijiquan, Sun style Baguazhang and Xingyiquan and Wild Goose Qigong. In 2002 Keith trained and studied in China where he furthered his training in traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist artsntration.