The Chinese internal martial art (neijiaquan) that is taught by the Li Family Internal Arts Association is called “Feng Shou Quan” or Hand of the Wind Boxing. Feng Shou-Kung Fu gets its name from one of the Taoist elementary gods whose name is “Feng Bo” or otherwise known as the “Duke of the Wind”. In Taoist mythology Feng Bo is considered to be in charge of the wind. He stands high upon a cloud with a goatskin sack in his hands and when he feels happy and in a good mood he allows the wind to blow gently by slightly opening the sack. But when he is in a bad mood and feels angry he fully opens the sack and causes the wind to blow strongly forming gales or tornados that can cause damage.
Hence, Feng Shou-Kung Fu is named after the Taoist god as its concepts are to balance the gentleness of the wind as well as its power both in defence and attack. Also like the wind which can change direction quickly, Feng Shou-Kung Fu must also be able to move freely and change its point of attack by using and developing fast evasive footwork alongside powerful striking and kicking techniques.
Like most Taoist internal martial arts which all have connections to nature and the Way (dao) like Taijiquan which balances opposites and Baguazhang which is based upon constant change and Xingyiquan which is based upon harmonising the five elements of metal, earth, fire etc. Then Feng Shou-Kung Fu is like any other Taoist martial art which expresses its own unique connections to nature and the Way with its analogy to the force of the wind.