The Swimming Dragon Qigong

The swimming dragon qigong (you shen gong) is a wonderful qigong exercise that maintain and improves any problems of the back muscles, spinal column and hips. It strengthens the functioning of the kidneys, so it helps to increase the vitality levels of the individual and also strengthens the bones. Swimming dragon qigong is a 32 posture form that combines static, rocking and walking qigong exercises which will develop the individuals balance, co-ordination and concentration. It will improve the mobility and flexibility of the individual's joints and general flexibility. But it will have a great effect on gently stretching the muscles of the upper and lower back, opening the hips and lengthening the spinal column. Today many people suffer with back problems caused by in-correct exercise, poor working conditions, injury or illness. Swimming dragon qigong movements involve twisting, spiralling actions or silk reeling (chan si gong) as the Chinese like to call it of the whole body. Its movements stimulate the flow of energy (qi) and blood (xue) to flow smoothly throughout the entire body, removing any blockages of energy and blood stagnation that has accumulated.