Taiji Moving for Better Balance


Over the years there have been many studies both in the UK, America and Australia on Taijiquan’s benefits towards improving better balance in the elderly from preventing falls syndrome.
 In Portland, Oregon, United States they compared the effectiveness of a 6 month programme on Taiji classes with a program of stretching exercises. The participants in the Taiji classes had fewer falls and fewer fall injuries, and their risk of falling was decreased 55 percent.
Taijiquan emphasises weight shifting, postural alignment and coordinated movements that are synchronised with breathing. All its actions are performed slowly. A typical class session can involve:

  • A 5-10 Minute Warm Up Period.
  • The Practice of Taijiquan Movements.
  • A 5 – 10 Minute Cool Down Period.

The duration of each class is usually an hour long and students are encouraged to practice at home or to attend further classes during the week.
The practice of Taijiquan for Falls Syndrome is directed at the more community dwelling elderly who lack regular exercise in building up their strength and begin to lose confidence in maintaining their balance. By encouraging them to attend a Taijiquan class on a regular basis then many can learn how to better move and prevent a serious injury from Falling.