Taijiquan for Back Pain


Many individuals suffer with either lower or upper back pain, stiffness of the spinal column due to either arthritis or sciatica. For people who work for long hours sitting in a chair in an office or for those who drive for many hours a day all can suffer with back pain at some time in their life, if this is left unmanaged then it can lead to a more serious problem which can affect each individuals quality of life.
Through the regular practice of Taijiquan which has been proven to greatly benefit suffers of back muscle tension, back pain or stiffness of the spinal column. Taiji due to its gentle turning of the waist action and lengthening of the spine can stretch the joints of the spine releasing stiffness and muscle tension. Most importantly it teaches the individual to maintain a good postural alignment and how to release tension out of the body. Taijiquan exercises can be practiced from a standing or sitting position which is very useful for those working in an office.
Learning Taijiquan can help many individuals to better cope with back pain and in some cases even prevent it from happening again as long as they maintain regular practice.  Back pain does not discriminate between young and old it can happen to everyone and it can cause many individuals to become trapped within their own bodies limiting they enjoyment of life. By learning a few simple movements of Taijiquan they can gradually begin to take control of their lives and improve their range of mobility and vitality levels.
I have personally seen many individuals join my Taijiquan classes due to back pain and after a few weeks they have found great benefit from its practice as it teaches them to manage their back pain and release tension and anxiety helping them to relax.