Taijiquan for Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis is for many simply a part of the aging process and it seems to be most prevalent in women of both Caucasian and Asian descent over the age of 50 who are post menopausal.
Recent surveys reveal that if you are women who fit into this demographic and have had a blood test that shows you to have osteopenia, described as decreased calcium in the bones or osteoporosis a reduction of calcium in the bones; you are at risk for bone fractures. Studies are under way to determine the effect of Taijiquan, what is truly strange is even though this problem seems to be becoming far more prevalent in women, very little is being done by the medical community to develop much in the way of effective treatments beyond the use of certain drugs, many of which have some very unpleasant side effects. Many women are taking matters into their own hands quite literally by enrolling in Taiji classes.
Taijiquan involves movements that use a steady shifting of bodyweight while maintaining good postural alignment. It uses slow smooth flowing range of movements that involve every part of the body and is considered to be a very low impact form of exercise.
One of the most important details to come out of those studies that have been conducted is that the practice of Taijiquan showed reduction in the amount of bone loss in the majority of those patients who were involved in the study. Another well documented benefit, especially for seniorsĀ  is that regular practice of Taiji will significantly improve a person’s balance, which in turn leads to a much lower risk of falling and suffering from broken bones.