Taijiquan for Stress Relief


In today’s very modern, fast and stressful lifestyle that many of us throughout the world live can suffer with many stress related illnesses such as migraines & headaches, panic attacks, hypertension ect?
If these stress related levels of tension, anxiety are left to gradually build they can in turn develop into a far more serious illness. Through the practice of Taijiquan which has a proven record of lowering and releasing stress levels individuals can learn how to manage and better cope with stress or even prevent it by changing their own lifestyles to become a more healthier one.

How Does Taijiquan Lower Stress Levels

The practice of Taijiquan can be very flexible in being able to fit into each individuals needs in combating stress. Firstly it can be performed from a standing position; Taijiquan is known as “Moving Meditation” as it moves around in four directions, some particular styles of Taiji like the Li and Sun styles can be used in small confined areas. All Taijiquan’s movements use soft, slow and flowing actions that are co-ordinated with deep rhythmic breathing which help in releasing stress, tension and anxiety from the body and mind allowing you to fully relax.
Secondly Taijiquan movements can also be practiced from a sitting position. So if you are working in an office for many hours then in your break or lunch time you can simply practice various Taiji exercises to help relax you both physically and mentally. The great thing about Taijiquan is that you can practice it anywhere in-doors or outside in the fresh air. The practice of Taijiquan is suitable for everyone, any age from a managing director to the university student taking exams or school teachers etc.