Tao Yoga and cultivation excersizes


The Taoist Yoga style that is taught by the LFIAA is known as "Kaimen" which means open door. Through the many sitting and standing exercise that make up Kaimen, gradually the individual will begin to open doors to their own energy channels and gates to allow themselves to develop their physical, emotional, energetic and mental strengths that will help them to cope with the stresses and strains of a modern fast world. Characteristics of Tao Yoga are:

All the exercises are kept moving and are never held.

There are two methods to every exercise a Yin (sequence) and a Yang (extension).

Deep circular breathing is used on all exercises.

Alongside the practice of Tao Yoga are Taoist sitting and standing Meditation exercises that help to open the energy gates and cultivate and circulate the flow of essence (jing), energy (qi) and spirit (shen) for the promotion of health and long life.