Tuina Energy Bodywork Massage

The LFIAA teaches the Li family's tuina energy bodywork massage system which consists of many manipulative techniques that can be used on the acupuncture meridians and channels and the muscular skeletal system to treat many ailments. Tuina energy bodywork massage can be performed through the clothing, as long as the clothing is not too thick. Its techniques consist of Pushing (tui), grasping (na), shaking (dou), lifting (ti) and vibrating (chan). The practitioner must also practice energy cultivation exercises (daoyin) to strengthen their own energy so that it is strong enough to guide and lead the patient's energy throughout their own bodies. Correct posture alignment is also very important to the practitioner, has a bad posture will not just make their body's ache if standing in an awkward position for too long. But it will also have a bad affect on the practitioner's energy, weakening their own energy so that it is not strong enough to connect and influence the patient's energy. The practitioners of tuina energy bodywork massage are encouraged to practice either tai chi or daoyin or qigong exercises not just to build up their own energy levels, but to teach them about correct posture.