What We Teach


- Li Style Tai Chi 

Li style Taijiquan is a small to medium frame style of Taiji. The Li style Taijiquan is also known as the "Square Yard Taiji Style" it is a beautiful, flowing, graceful exercise that is suitable for anyone of any age.

- Yang Style Tai Chi

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is a series of movements (postures and transitions), developed over a century ago by the Yang family in China

- Feng Shou Kung Fu

The Chinese internal martial art (neijiaquan) that is taught by the Li Family Internal Arts Association is called “Feng Shou Quan” or Hand of the Wind Boxing. Feng Shou-Kung Fu gets its name from one of the Taoist elementary gods whose name is “Feng Bo” or otherwise known as the “Duke of the Wind".

- Qin Na

Chin Na/Qin Na means to "Seize & Control" the joints, tendons and ligaments all Chinese martial arts involve Qin Na in their particular training with some styles using more than others. Qin Na is not a martial art style but is actually one of the four main fighting sections

- Shuaijiao

Shuaijiao is the oldest form of Chinese martial arts. It has evolved into its own unique system, as well as influencing many of China's internal and external martial arts systems, who have all incorporated Shuaijiao fast throwing techniques . The Li family Shuaijiao art that was taught to me by Master Chee Soo.

- Tuina Energy Bodywork Massage

The LFIAA teaches the Li family's tuina energy bodywork massage system which consists of many manipulative techniques that can be used on the acupuncture meridians and channels and the muscular skeletal system to treat many ailments

- The Wild Goose Qigong

The wild goose qigong foundation form consists of 128 postures which are broken down and taught as two sets of 64 postures. It is considered to be a cleansing set of qigong.

- The Swimming Dragon Qigong

Swimming dragon qigong is a 32 posture form that combines static, rocking and walking qigong exercises which will develop the individuals balance, co-ordination and concentration.

-Standardised 36 Taiji Qigong Excersizes

In the early 1950's the Chinese government promoted the development of teaching Qigong to the masses as a way to help improve the general health

-Dao Yoga & Energy Cultivation Excersizes

The Taoist Yoga style that is taught by the LFIAA is known as "Kaimen" which means open door. Through the many sitting and standing exercise